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JPC Leather Bag Tassel & Brass Tag
JPC Leather Bag Tassel & Brass Tag
JPC Leather Bag Tassel & Brass Tag

JPC Leather Bag Tassel & Brass Tag

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Leather Bag Tassel

Leather Cowhide Bag Tassel & Brass Tag

(Comes standard with Small JPC Name Plate Tag OR choose to add the larger numbered Antique Brass Cow Tag for an additional $25!)

— Tassel length approximately 9” inches

— Solid brass hardware

— Easy clip on swivel snap clasp

— Available in plain leather, croc embossed leather, or hair-on-hide

— Available with or without a large (numbered) solid brass antique cow tag. (additional $25) — Just add your keychain color to your cart, then add the additional brass cow tag option to your cart  

— All bag tassels come standard with a small gold brass Jackson Place Collection name plate tag.

— Genuine Leather

— Exact hides vary according to what we have in stock at that time. Pick your color and we will find one that matches your color choice. Message us if you have any questions!!


Plain Leather
• black
• light brown
• Carmel / spice
• dark brown
• gray
• natural

Hair-on-Hide Leather
• gold hair-on-hide
• brown hair-on-hide
• black hair-on-hide
• brindle hair-on-hide (brown/black/taupe)
• blonde palomino hair-on-hide (beige)
• Carmel hair-on-hide

Croc Embossed Leather
• natural embossed croc
• black embossed croc
• brown embossed croc